October 20, 2017


Since 1958, the original McCamley Field was a place that thousands of students called home. So as we prepared to say goodbye, we wanted to celebrate in a way fitting of the many great moments they experienced on that field. And that’s what we did. As Mustang fans filled the stands -- looking straight into the sun for one more time -- they cheered for the military-style flyover at the end of the National Anthem, paid tribute to those being inducted into the PC Athletic Hall of Fame, rooted on the Blue and Gold, and shared their own memories of the field as they chatted with those around them. “Last Night Under The Lights” was the kick-off event to show our gratitude for what generations before us built as we approach our 100-year celebration. For almost 60 of those years, McCamley Field was where our community gathered. No wonder we decided to keep that name for our new stadium. We hope that our “thank you” was as loud and clear as the fireworks that lit up the sky after we turned off the lights.

In Celebration of the Old McCamley field